Black Beetle & Wheels

The Black Beetle is a four wheel, completely self contained power bogie with its own electrical pickups. It is relatively lightly constructed, with 2mm diameter axles and is intended for use in model railmotors hauling one or two trailers or multiple units. The weight on the centre pivot should not exceed about 100g. For locomotive applications the use of two Black Beetles is recommended.

 All wheels have nickel silver tyres in NMRA RP25 code 110 or code 88, or P4 wheel profiles and are available in HO/OO, EM, P4. gauges.

* Wheelbases from 25.5mm to 29.5mm use the Mashima 1220 motor, Wheelbases from 29.75mm to 40mm use the Mashima 1224 motor, both with 15:1 Gearing. 

* Height of centre pivot above rail is 12.4mm plus half the wheel diameter in mm.

* All Black Beetles are fitted with axles flush with the wheel face as standard.

* Bogies include a bracket to which sideframes can be fixed. (NOTE: sideframes are not included).

The Black Bug is a single axle drive unit for rail tractors, small rail cars and similar light self propelled vehicles. They are assembled from the same range of motors.

They are available with a 15:1 gear ratio, but do not have electrical pickups fitted.

Before ordering your Black Beetle Bogie Please read the Black Beetle Dimensions Information on the Homepage of our site.  

Listings for the popular types are shown below, specials can be made to order:

14mm 'Black Beetle' Nickle Silver Plain (EM Gauge) - x1 Axle

14mm 'Black Beetle' Nickle Silver Plain (EM Gauge) - x1 Axle


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