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GLASGOW - LONDON High Speed Cabride

Glasgow -London

GLASGOW - LONDON High Speed Cabride

A two-disc DVD programme covering the whole south-bound journey of the Virgin Trains Record Run attempt which departed from Glasgow Central station at 12.37 on 22nd September 2006.

Achieved in 3 hours 55 minutes 27 seconds, the Pendolino non-stop run was the fastest run south-bound from Glasgow to London Euston.

The previous record along the 401 mile route was set by the Advanced Passenger Train in 1981.

The special run of the 9 coach Pendolino was arranged by Virgin Trains in conjunction with Railway Magazine and was fully booked with over 400 passengers,

raising some £30,000 fro the Virgin Unite charity, Heaven's Angels.

The DVD has the full background to the run starting at Polmadie depot where the set was prepared the week before to make certain that the attempt was a

complete success. We see the crew prepare for the run at Glasgow Central station and the naming of the Pendolino set No. 390047 as Heaven's Angels by

Railway Magazines's editor, Nick Pigott.

Price: £18.95

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